Research Area: High Pressure Discharge Lamps

HID-lamps (high-intensity-discharge) gain more and more importance within modern lighting systems. Due to their high efficacy HID-lamps are applied e.g. in automotive lighting, video projectors and high power exterior lighting. The temperature of their tungsten electrodes limits the lamp performance. Thus, actual HID-lamp research at AEPT deals with the interactions between the electrodes, their plasma boundaries and the arc discharge.

  • High-speed absolutely calibrated optical spectroscopy/pyrometry and micro photography is used to investigate particle densities, electrode temperatures and the type of arc attachment.
  • The “Bochum model lamp“ is used as a flexible system to study fundamental electrode phenomena under dc-, ac- and hf-operation.
  • The “emitter-effect“ is optimised in commercial HID-lamps within an industrial cooperation project.
  • Characterisation of electrodes for high-pressure discharge lamps by electrical and optical measurements