Research Area: Atmospheric Plasmas

A dielec­tric bar­ri­er di­sch­ar­ge (DBD) "plas­ma stick" con­sis­ting of cera­mic-co­ver­ed elec­tro­de is ope­ra­ted in air to ge­ne­ra­te plas­ma di­rect­ly on human body for dis­in­fec­tion of skin sur­face and for pro­mo­ting wound hea­ling. A low-fre­quen­cy DBD plas­ma jet sour­ce has been de­si­gned and de­ve­lo­ped for coa­ting of capillaries and tubes (e.g. catheters) used in medical applications. Experiments are focused on:

  • Determination of the electrical and plasma parameters, fluxes and photons and chemically active species produced in the plasma.
  • Optimization of the plasma source by tailoring these parameters for effective applications.
  • Plasma irradiation on the substrate by simulation of spatial and temporal distribution of chemically active species in the active plasma zone and in the afterglow.
  • Characterization of the thin film obtained by plasma coating using the DBD yet