Research Areas

Plasma Sterilization

DICP Removing germs and pathogens from thermolabile plastics used for medical instruments, surgical implants, wrappings or food packaging is a crucial process step in the medical and food industry. Plasma treatment of surfaces offers a wide range of possibilities: sterilization, decontamination or removing of pathogenec proteins. read more

Plasma Coating and Sputtering

MFCCP We encounter functional coatings which improve material's properties almost everywhere in our everyday life. They vary from permeation barrier coatings to scratch and wear resistant layers for machining purposes. Coating functionalities obtain properties such as special reflectivity and wettability. read more

Plasma Diagnostics and Simulation

APS The development of novel processes in plasma technology requires a deep insight into fundamentals of different discharges. To optimize plasma source's applications the fluxes of photons and chemically active particles to the surface of treated objects must be determined, i.e. measured or calculated. read more


HID-Lampe HID-lamps (high-intensity-discharge) gain more and more importance within modern lighting systems. Due to their high efficacy HID-lamps are applied e.g. in automotive lighting, video projectors and high power exterior lighting. The temperature of their tungsten electrodes limits the lamp performance. read more

Atmospheric Plasma

Plasmajet A dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) "plasma stick" consisting of ceramic-covered electrode is operated in air to generate plasma directly on human body for disinfection of skin surface and for promoting wound healing. A low-frequency DBD plasma jet source has been designed and developed for coating read more