Manuel Schröder, M.Sc.

Researcher and Co-Founder of glim Skin

Ruhr-Uni­ver­si­tät Bo­chum
Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Angewandte Elektrodynamik und Plasmatechnik
Uni­ver­si­täts­stra­ße 150
D-44801 Bo­chum, Germany

ICN 02/643

+49 234 32 19744



Rauf, S., Schroeder, M., Korolov, I., Kenney, J., & Schulze, J. (2023). Plasma dynamics in a capacitively coupled discharge driven by a combination of a single high frequency and a tailored low frequency rectangular voltage waveform. Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 32(3), 034002. Cite
Ries, S., Schroeder, M., Woestefeld, M., Corbella, C., Korolov, I., Awakowicz, P., & Schulze, J. (2021). Relative calibration of a retarding field energy analyzer sensor array for spatially resolved measurements of the ion flux and ion energy in low temperature plasmas. Review of Scientific Instruments, 92(10), 103503. Cite