Silicon Oxide Permeation Barrier Coating and Plasma Sterilization of PET Bottles and Foils

M. Deilmann, H. Halfmann, Simon Steves, Nikita Bibinov, Peter Awakowicz

PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS 6(Suppl. S), volume 6, S695–S699, 2009, 11th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering, Garmisch Partenkirchen, GERMANY, SEP 15-19, 2008


The results of silicon oxide permeation barrier coating and plasma sterilization are shown using a low-pressure microwave plasma reactor system based on a Plasmaline antenna developed for the treatment of polyethylene terephthalate bottles and foils. The influence of the coating composition on the barrier properties is analyzed and a good correlation is found. The optimized barrier coatings are analyzed regarding coating defects, which are visualized by means of capacitively coupled oxygen plasma etching of the coated substrates. The capabilities of plasma sterilization are exemplarily demonstrated for spores of Bacillus atrophaeus allowing for a spore reduction according to today's regulations for aseptic food packaging.

tags: sterifood