Modelling and Simulation of multi-frequency capacitive discharges

Stefan Bienholz, Philipp Mertmann, Peter Awakowicz, Thomas Mussenbrock, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

61st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, Dallas, Texas


In material processing applications the energy distribution function and the angular distribution function of energetic ions which are accelerated by the electric field in the plasma boundary sheath play a crucial role. The calculation of such distribution functions requires either large computational cost within the frame of numerical simulation of a plasma reactor as a whole or the electric field is assumed to be given by simple expressions. However, an appropriate discharge (or sheath) model is needed. In this contribution we propose a locally one-dimensional model of a capacitive discharge based on a ion fluid description self-consistently coupled to Poisson’s equation. The model allows for self-consistent calculation of the electric field for (arbitrary) multi-frequent discharge excitation and thus for calculation of ion distribution functions by means of an efficient Monte-Carlo code.

tags: mfsp, mosi