Kinetic interpretation of a magnetically enhanced hollow cathode arc discharge

Liang Xu, Jens-Pe­ter Heinß, Ilija Stefanovic, Denis Eremin, Peter Awakowicz, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

13th Frontiers in Low-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics & 1st Frontiers in Low-Temperature Plasma Simulations, 13th -16th May, 2019, Bad Honnef, Germany


Hollow cathode arc discharges with axially directed magnetic field attract continuous interests in industrial applications. By far, there is still no experimental and theoretical descriptions of the interior plasma source of the magnetically enhanced hollow cathode arc discharges (ME-HCAD). The understanding of the interior plasma is crucial because it controls the characteristics of the plasma plume. A self-consistent kinetic model is required in nature to have insight in the internal plasma column.