Investigation of the gas-phase emitter effect of dysprosium in ceramic metal halide lamps

Oliver Langenscheidt, Michael Westermeier, Jens Reinelt, Jürgen Mentel, Peter Awakowicz

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41 (2008)


The behaviour of electrodes operated with ac-currents in ceramic metal halide lamps containing Hg + NaTlDy iodide has been investigated experimentally. Using transparent YAG lamp tubes with the so-called Bochum model lamp as an outer bulb phase resolved measurements were performed of the electrode temperature and Dy density in dependence on the cold-spot temperature of the salt filling. The electrode tip temperature and electrode power loss are deduced from the temperature profile measured along the electrode axis. The Dy density in front of the electrode is determined by spatially resolved spectroscopic measurements of absolute line intensities. It is found that doping of a mercury lamp only with Dy iodide generates at low operation frequencies a pronounced emitter effect at the cathode but it declines with increasing frequency. In a lamp doped with NaTlDy iodide the formation and movement of Dy ions are hampered by Na ions accumulated in front of the cathode due to cataphoresis. As a consequence the lowering of the power loss by Dy is in part diminished. It is shown that a gas-phase emitter effect of Dy is effective for standard operation conditions of lamps in spite of the counteracting effects of a long time constant of the emitter effect and Na accumulation.


tags: hidl