Determination of argon resonance line emission in an ICP hitting a biological sample

Philipp Mertmann, Nikita Bibinov, Helmut Halfmann, Peter Awakowicz

Plasma Sources Science and Technology 19 (2010)


A Monte Carlo model for the calculation of argon resonance line photon trapping in a double inductively coupled plasma is presented. Different probabilities of photon behaviour are calculated and the flux of photons hitting a target placed in the middle of the chamber is determined by simulation. Different gas admixtures or gas impurities can absorb photons or quench excited argon atoms, which is considered in the simulation. Electron energy distribution function and electron density are measured with a Langmuir probe and optical emission spectroscopy (OES). Nitrogen impurities, due to opening of the chamber, are measured using OES. These measured values and other additional input values such as gas temperature are used for simulation.


tags: mosi, sterimed