Construction and Characterization of Microplasma Jet for Thin Film Deposition on Capillary

Ramasamy Pothiraja, Nikita Bibinov, Peter Awakowicz

International Workshop on Diagnostics in Microplasmas March 2010 (Bochum)


In order to modify the inner surface properties of the capillaries, a long filament of plasma has to be passed inside these tubes along with precursor in such a way that precursor has to be decomposed to produce active particles for polymerization at the close vicinity of tube’s inner surface, so that uniform film will be produced for long distance. An axially directed long filamentary discharge ignited in the microplasma jet in inert gas and nitrogen will be used along with precursor for film coating of capillaries. For the optimization of deposition condition, discharge was characterized in terms of reduced electric field, electron density and its energy distribution, rate constant for the different reactions and filament geometry using optical emission spectroscopy, micro photography, current-voltage measurement and numerical simulations. The influences of nature of plasma forming gas, its flow rate and applied voltage on plasma parameters have also been studied. These results will be presented.

tags: microplas