Biological Stimulation of the Human Skin Applying Health-Promoting Light and Plasma Sources

Peter Awakowicz, Nikita Bibinov, M. Born, B. Busse, R. Gesche, A. Helmle, A. Kaemling, V. Kolb-Bachofen, R. Kovacs, S. Kuehn, J. Liebmann, N. Mertens, U. Niemann, C. Oplaender, H.-E. Porteanu, J. Scherer, C. Suschek, W. Vioel, D. Wandke

CONTRIBUTIONS TO PLASMA PHYSICS 49(9, Sp. Iss. SI), volume 49, 641–647, OCT 2009, 14th Topical Conference for Plasma Technologie, Wuppertal, GERMANY, MAR 02-04, 2009


In the frame of BMBF project ``BioLiP{''}, new physical treatment techniques aiming at medical treatment of the human skin have been developed. The acronym BioLiP stands for ``Desinfektion, Entkeimung und biologische Stimulation der Haut durch gesundheitsfordernde Licht- und Plasmaquellen{''} (Disinfection, germ reduction and biological stimulation of the human skin by health promoting light and plasma sources). A source applying a low-temperature dielectric barrier discharge plasma (DBD) has been investigated on its effectiveness for skin disinfection and stimulation of biological material. Alternatively an atmospheric plasma source consisting of a microwave resonator combined with a solid state power oscillator has been examined. This concept which allows for a compact and efficient design avoiding external microwave power supply and matching units has been optimized with respect to nitrogen monoxide (NO) production in high yields. In both cases various application possibilities in the medical and biological domain are opened Lip, Light sources in the visible spectral range have been investigated with respect to the proliferation of human cell types. Intensive highly selective blue light sources based on LED technology can slow down proliferation rates without inducing toxic effects which offers new opportunities for treatments of so-called hyperproliferative skin conditions (e.g. with psoriasis or in Wound healing) using UV-frec light.