Inhibition of Interfacial Oxidative Degradation During SiOx Plasma Polymer Barrier Film Deposition on Model Organic Substrates

Berkem Ozkaya, Felix Mitschker, Ozlem Ozcan, Peter Awakowicz, Guido Grundmeier


Interfacial processes during the initial stages of SiOx-like plasma-polymer barrier coating deposition were investigated by means of polarization modulation infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy, and the resulting effect on defect densities were studied by cyclic voltammetry. Octadecanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au-film coated wafers served as sensor layers to investigate interface chemistry during the plasma deposition. Both the spectroscopic and electrochemical data revealed that a thin SiOCH interlayer could reduce oxidative degradation of the SAM during subsequent deposition of the SiOx barrier film from an oxygen-rich plasma phase. The present electrochemical investigation confirmed effective inhibition of interfacial oxidative degradation processes of an aliphatic polymer in the presence of a SiOCH interfacial layer.