Adhesion of Thin CVD Films on Pulsed Plasma Pre- Treated Polypropylene

Henrik Behm, Karim Bahroun, Hendrik Bahre, Dennis Kirchheim, Felix Mitschker, Nikita Bibinov, Marc Boeke, Rainer Dahlmann, Peter Awakowicz, Christian Hopmann, Joerg Winter

PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS, Volume: 11, Issue: 5, Pages: 418-425, DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201300128, Published: MAY 2014


The adhesion of thin CVD films on polyolefins is often critical due to the low surface free energy of the polymers. In this study, injection moulded PP samples are produced and investigated. The samples are treated in very well-characterized pulsed plasmas before a HMDSO-based coating is applied. The resulting bond strength is analyzed using pull-off tests. The fractured interfaces are characterized with XPS. Oxygen and argon plasma pre-treatments of the PP samples result in a bond strength improvement by a factor of about 2. Comparing oxygen and argon pre-treatments at equal ion fluences to the surface, it can be shown that the bond strength between CVD-coating and polymer is similar.

tags: plasma