SFB 1316 – Project A7

Plasma-assisted catalysis for conversion of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

In consideration of the increasing consciousness for environmental protection, energy efficient processes for the purification of polluted gas streams, e.g. in industrial plants or living space, are growing in demand. These gas streams can be contaminated with pollutants such as numerous hydrocarbons and other chemicals or micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses, which are known to be detrimental to the environment and human health.

Project A7 of the DFG funded SFB 1316 aims at the fundamental understanding of a novel twin surface dielectric barrier discharge for the purification and sterilization of gas streams by means of plasma-assisted catalysis. Analysis of fundamental plasma parameters, gas-phase chemistry and surface effects, gas dynamics, and a multitude of catalysts are expected to deliver a coherent picture of the complex underlying purification process.

Ultimately, the flexibly scalable system, custom tailored to its intended application, is prospected to be more energy efficient and less resource-intensive than conventional techniques, providing a further step towards environmental sustainability.