Major field of study “Plasmatechnology”

Plasma technology offers many innovative possibilities for various application in natural science, technology and medicine and is a very interdisciplinary research field. Plasmas are (partly) ionized gases and are usually described as fourth state of matter. Is a gas in the plasma state, processes like excitation of particles, ionization, dissociation and recombination happen. Among others, reactive species and radiation occur. Due to their special properties plasmas are a universal tool, for example for the generation of light and radiation, for the fabrication of microelectronic components, for the modification and coating of surfaces and for the activation of chemical processes. Without plasma technology our high-tech world would not be possible.

To use plasmas for technological purposes, to design, analyze, control and optimize plasma processes are usually electrotechnical tasks. An overview of our current research projects can be found here. here.

Compulsory subjects of the major field “Plasmatechnology” are:

  • Plasmatechnological processes and plasma diagnostics
  • Modelling of plasmas

The learned skills can be expanded by the following elective subjects:

  • Medical Engineering
  • Plasma Simulations
  • Measurement and High Frequency Technology
  • Solid State and Microsystems engineering