Lehre ist uns wichtig! Denn die Studierenden von heute sind unter anderem auch die Wissenschaftler/innen von morgen, die unsere Zukunft mitgestalten.

For bachelor students with Electrical Engineering as a major or minor subject we give different courses in Elek­tro­tech­nik 2 – Fel­der and Fundamentals of electrical engineering (mechanical engineering)  . The first plasma processes are introduced in the lecture Electrophysics.

For master students specialized in Plasma Technology " we offer in-depth lectures, seminars and practical courses with different topics. Due to strong cooperation to other faculties you can also hear for example in-depth-lectures offered by the Department of Physics. At the same time, we can offer our lectures, seminars and practical courses also to students with other major subjects than “Electrical Engineering”. 

If you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis : we can always offer interesting topics. You can become part of our team and work on current research projects. Since plasma technology is very versatile, we can also offer topics for “non-plasma” engineers. We cooperate with different faculties as well, so we can also offer interdisciplinary theses.

We are also happy for inquiries of external and international students!

Since all courses are usually given in German, detailed information is usually available in German language only. If you need further information or help, please contact us here.