Chair for applied electrodynamics and plasma technology

The Chair of Applied Electrodynamics and Plasma Technology is directed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tho­mas Mus­sen­brock . The research topics are in the area of low-temperature plasmas as well as nano-electronic and nano-ionic devices. The team develops analytical and numerical methods for the modeling and simulation of the aforementioned non-equilibrium systems and applies them in conjunction with experiments. The overall aim is to understand the macroscopic behavior of the systems based on the microscopic dynamics of the atoms, molecules, electrons and photons involved.

The chair is and was member of the CRC/Transregio TRR 87 "Pulsed high power plasmas for the synthesis of nanostructured functional layers" - TRR 87 , the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1316 „Tran­si­ent at­mo­s­phe­ric plas­mas – from plas­mas to li­quids to so­lids“ and in the Research Unit SFB 1461 „Neurotronics – Bio-inspired Information Pathway“ (all funded by the German Research Foundation DFG) as well as the DFG Research Units FOR 1123 "Physics of Microplasmas" and FOR 2093 "Memristive devices for neuronal systems".