FOR 1123

Modeling and simulation of memristive devices and systems

Based on the results found within the first funding period it is planned to develop a generic hybrid simulation model for memristive systems, i.e., the memristive device within the electrical network. The term "hybrid" indicates that the device is described by a three-dimensional multiphysical model which allows for the actual transport phenomena on the atomic scale, whereas the electrical network is described in the frame of a SPICE-like environment. The two inherently different approaches have to be coupled consistently. The first part of project is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the actual resistive switching phenomena in both the filamentary and non-filamentary devices. One major focus is on the CMOS-compatible HfO-based memristive device. The second part is to apply the physical hybrid models of the memristive devices as core elements in electrical circuits. In this context basic memristive circuits will be studied. The synchronization of oscillators are in the focus of this task.